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It is our priviledge to serve as the Management Team for The Marriah Foundation.  Our staff works tirelessly to ensure that every donation we receive is handled efficiently and every partnership is reported to fully. At The Marriah Foundation, we pledge to be effective in our outreach to those in need.

Mike Mahar

Executive Director

Mike Mahar, President and CEO of Marriah Foundation has over 30 years of professional experience in sales, marketing, distribution, non-profit and planning management.  He served for more than 15 years as an executive at Johnson and Johnson, managing over 300 employees.  He is a business owner and is highly respected in the health care industry, as he was the creator of the select distribution philosophy.  Mike is also a 4th degree Knight at The Knights of Columbus. 


Mike has 5 married children and 21 grandchildren and is hands-on with the management operation of The Marriah Foundation, carefully considering the recipients of charitable contributions.

Julie Kotch


Julie Kotch, Exectutive Director of the Marriah Foundation earned her degree from The College of New Jersey and has been a valued member of the Hunterdon Healthcare System, serving in managerial positions for over 30 years.  Julie was the lead organizer of The Shared Governess Nursing Program, which has been successfully operated for more than 20 years assisting the nursing staff to perform at the highest level of integity and proceedures for the welfare of the patients.


Julie is highly respected for her participation in several committees dedicated to improving their missions in the community.  She is a mother of five and  lives with her husband Steve in Washington, New Jersey.

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